How To Optimize Microsoft Windows

Computers are shipped to the customer with factory settings and drivers, meant to standardize the performance and appearance of a particular brand or model. Here, we’ve assembled some fast n’ easy tweaks for any PC that break the “factory mold” and improve performance. Try a few of these tips and you will see significant increase!

  • Clean Out Your System Tray
    If you have a new PC, this is something to watch. If your PC is a few months (or even weeks) old, here’s a helpful tip: Eliminate every unnecessary application. These apps drain your processor’s cycles and memory. That means a gradual slowdown, until you’re crawling.  The system tray is where the little clock is at in the lower right hand corner of your screen.
  • Update Your Drivers
    It’s easy and fast, yet most PC users never bother. Keeping on top of video card and chipset drivers by visiting the manufacturer’s site frequently can deliver amazing performance benefits. We recommend a once-a-month checkup of drivers. You’ll be happy you did.
  • Turn off unnecessary “eye-candy”
    First right click on “My Computer” and click on “Properties”, then switch to the tab labled “Advanced”, from there go click on “Settings” under the “Performance” heading.  Now it’s easy, just click “Adjust For Best Performance”.  Now if you want a little style to your PC, I usually check the bottom six boxes starting with “smooth edges of screen fonts”.  That’s it!  Now just close out of System Properties by clicking on “OK”.
  • Visit Regularly
    This is a big one. Also very fast and simple. The “patches” that are made available on a weekly basis not only provide protection for your PC, they are also designed to improve performance. We recommend at least twice per month.  If you have updated your system to Windows XP Service Pack II your system should now update itself automatically.  If you haven’t updated to Service Pack II, do it!
  • Run Disk Cleanup
    Go “Start” “Programs” “Accessories” and “Disk Cleanup”.  Make sure all the boxes are checked and click ok, That’s it!  You may also want to download a favorite program of mine, Ccleaner from  This free program will really help keep you hard drive and registry (system file) clean and optimized!
  • Defrag. Defrag. Defrag.
    A “must” for busy PC users, made simple. Here’s how: Regular defragmentation can improve your machine’s hard drive performance by massive amounts. To begin defragging, right-click your hard drive in My Computer, select Properties, go to the Tools tab, then click defrag.  Again, use the default, or download Smart Defrag from  This will defrag and optimize your hard drive, and you can schedule it for say one in the morning, so it works while your asleep!  Do this religiously every month or so and you’ll enjoy smooth sailing
  • And PLEASE keep your data backed up, use iDrive online for FREE  (see link on right)

Thank you for taking the time to read this…I’ll update it as time goes on!